The health benefits of lemon and warm lemon water and the side effects resulting from it


Lemon is a type of citrus that is rich in vitamin C.  The benefits of lemon are to enhance the beauty and freshness of the skin, delay the manifestations of aging and wrinkles, and increase the vitality of the face.  In addition to its importance in losing weight and treating obesity quickly.

 The nutritional values ​​of lemon:

 Active ingredients contained in a glass of fresh lemon juice:

 61 calories.6 g protein.112 mg vitamin C (187% RD) 303 mg potassium (9% RD)31.7 mcg of folate (8% RD).0.1 mg vitamin B6.  (6% RD) 0.1 mg thiamine (5% RD) 0.1 mg copper (4% RD) 1 g fiber (4% RD) 14.6 mg magnesium (4% RD)  daily requirement. 0.4 mg of vitamin E (2% of the daily requirement).

 Lemon is a rich source of minerals such as calcium, in addition to a good percentage of iron and vitamin A.  Therefore, lemon is characterized by its medicinal benefits and its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

 It contains a group of B vitamins, zinc, phosphorous and flavonoids.  It is an effective antioxidant that has cancer-preventive properties.

 Health benefits of lemon:

 Promote the health of blood vessels and prevent heart disease and blood pressure:

 It is recommended to use lemon, especially for patients with heart diseases and blood pressure.  It is rich in potassium, which promotes the health of blood vessels and arteries.

 Ridding the body of accumulated toxins and preventing digestive problems:

 Having a glass of warm water with lemon juice is one of the best morning recipes to remove toxins accumulated in the body and promote digestion.  Treats constipation and diarrhea problems, improves bowel movement, and increases bile production.

 Promote colon health:

 The pectin fiber present in lemon is very beneficial for colon health.  It is considered a powerful antibacterial.

 heat treatment:

 Lemon increases sweating and is an effective way to eliminate fever and reduce high temperatures.

 Oral health care:

 Lemon juice helps eliminate toothache, and when massaging the gums with lemon juice, this helps stop bleeding gums quickly, in addition to its importance in eliminating bad breath.

 hair care:

 Lemon juice is proven to be effective in eliminating dandruff.  And other health problems related to the scalp, it also adds luster and vitality to the hair.

 Skin care:

 It is an effective option for treating acne, eczema and anti-wrinkle conditions.  It also works to remove blackheads and the first expressive lines.  And maintains the level of collagen in the body.

 Burn treatment:

 Applying lemon juice to the place of old burns and scars, helps hide the color, and gives a cooling sensation to the skin.

 Pain reliever:

 Whether to relieve the pain of sunburn or the pain of insect bites.  In addition to relieving joint pain and inflammation.

 internal bleeding:

 Lemon has antiseptic and coagulant properties, which help stop internal bleeding.  In cases of nosebleeds, you can put a little lemon juice on a cotton swab and put it inside the nostril to stop the bleeding.

 Helping lose weight and treat obesity:

 Another effective way to promote metabolism and lose weight quickly is to have a warm glass of water with lemon juice and honey every morning.

 Combat respiratory disorders:

 Lemon juice helps eliminate respiratory problems such as asthma attacks and difficulty breathing.

 Strengthening the body's immunity:

 It helps maintain the immune system and protect the body from various types of infections and infections.  It also purifies the blood and is an effective antiseptic.  Especially in cases of colds, influenza and pharyngitis.  In addition to promoting the health of nerve cells and the brain, due to its richness in potassium.  And strengthening the liver by supplying energy to the liver enzymes.

 Treatment of some cases of acidity of the stomach:

 Lemon maintains the balance of calcium and oxygen levels in the liver.  And in the event of feeling stomach acidity and heartburn, eating a glass of lemon juice is an effective way to eliminate symptoms.

 In addition to the following benefits:

 Maintaining the level of pH in the body. Treating urinary stones, and reducing the risk of stroke. Maintaining calm and avoiding stress and agitation.

 Other uses of lemon include:

 Lemon is used either in the preparation of lemonade (lemon juice diluted in water).  Or in washing (a substance that helps remove stains and pigmentation). The strong smell of lemon is considered an insect repellent. When taking lemon juice with olive oil, it helps to get rid of gallstones.

 Tips for adding lemon to the diet:

 Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to your daily salad or other meals, as it enhances digestion.  And when you feel indigestion after eating a heavy meal, it is recommended to take a glass of diluted lemon juice with warm water, and you will notice the difference quickly.

 Some ideas for making a glass of stretchy lemonade:

 To get the aforementioned health benefits, you should keep consuming lemon juice on a regular basis.  So here are the following tips:

 When preparing diluted lemon juice, always use fresh lemons, not pre-made artificial lemons. Squeeze half a lemon into a liter of boiled, warm or cold water. You can add: a few mint leaves, a teaspoon of honey, a slice  Fresh ginger, cinnamon stick.  And you can also add a slice of citrus, whether lemon or orange. For easy preparation permanently: you can squeeze the lemon, put it in ice cube molds, and put it in the refrigerator.  And then add ice cubes of lemon juice as needed. Start your morning daily with a glass of warm water with lemon juice.  You can also prepare detox water recipes to enjoy the taste and health benefits throughout the day. It is recommended to follow this recipe on a daily basis in the morning.

 Lemon side effects:

 Lemon contains citric acid, which damages the enamel layer on the teeth.  To reduce the negative effects, it is recommended to use it diluted with water, and to wash the mouth well after finishing taking it. For individuals who suffer from acidity of the stomach, lemon juice may affect differently in individuals.  For some, lemon juice helps relieve heartburn and acidity.  Where it becomes alkaline in the gut.  While for others, it may lead to increased acidity.  And in this case, unfortunately, it is advised to avoid eating it.

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