The best methods to gain weight quickly and treat thinness in a healthy way


Today, God Almighty willing, we will review the most important tips and foods that we must focus on to gain weight quickly, in a safe and healthy way.

 In the beginning, I advise you to calculate your BMI to find your average weight in relation to your height.  And what is the classification of your body scientifically, do you really suffer from thinness, or within the normal range.

 Top tips to gain weight quickly and treat thinness:

 Eat more calories (more than your body consumes):

 That is, you need to eat more calories than your body consumes daily.

 To find out the number of calories your body needs on an average day, you can calculate them on the following link.

 If you want to gain weight slowly and steadily.  So your goal should be to eat 300-500 calories more than your daily body needs. If you want to gain weight quickly, then your daily goal is to eat 700-1000 calories more than your daily body needs.

 You can calculate the number of calories in the foods you eat at the following link.

 Eat plenty of protein.

 The most important nutrient that helps you to gain weight in a healthy way is protein.

 Muscles are made up of proteins.  And without getting copious amounts of protein, then the extra calories you eat, will end up as body fat!

 If you stick to a protein-rich diet, it will help you to build muscle in a healthy and beautiful way.

 Taking into account that proteins also give a sense of satiety quickly.  Which may reduce your appetite for food!

 If you are looking to gain weight, aim for 0.7-1g of protein per pound of weight.  That is, take 1.5-2.2 g per kg of your weight.

 Foods rich in protein include:

 Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and cheeses, in addition to legumes, nuts and other nutritional supplements with protein such as protein powder.

 But do not forget to check out the benefits and harms of protein powder for bodybuilding 🙂

 Get plenty of healthy carbohydrates and fats:

 Many people try to either limit their carbohydrates or fats when seeking to lose weight.  And it is the opposite of weight gain.

 If your goal is to gain weight, you need to eat plenty of foods rich in carbohydrates and healthy fats.

 The best way to do this is to vary your food sources at each meal.  That is, every meal you eat should contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

 Eat energy-rich foods and add more sauces and condiments to your food:

 I also mentioned that foods rich in protein and nutrients give a feeling of satiety quickly as well.  This makes eating more calories a difficult task!

 When adding spices and sauces, it may help you to eat delicious food.  Thus, the possibility of eating a larger amount may seem easier.

 Foods high in calories are effective for weight gain.  The most important of them are:

 Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews. Dried fruits such as dates, raisins, etc. Full-fat dairy products: such as whole milk, cheeses, full-fat dairy, and cream. Fats and oils such as olive oil, avocado, and peanut butter. Whole grains  Like oats and brown rice. Meats such as chicken and red meat. In addition to starchy vegetables such as potatoes and corn. Dark chocolate is delicious and beneficial for all conditions.

 If your goal is to gain weight, it is best that you do not eat most of your meal with vegetables.  Rather, eat calorie dense foods first.  Leave a small portion of your stomach for delicious vegetables!

 Even when eating fruits, try to choose fruits that are concentrated with nutrients and do not need much chewing, such as bananas.

 More effective weight gain tips:

 The most important factor in obtaining the desired results is the combination of focusing on the foods eaten with the exercise of strength training. Not consuming water before a meal.  Because it leads to the stomach filling with water.  As a result, it becomes difficult to eat adequate amounts of calories. Be sure to eat at least three meals per day.  And try to add snacks between meals as much as possible!  Before going to sleep, for example, eating whole milk to quench thirst is an effective way to get more calories. Take nutritional supplements to gain weight.  These include protein powder, creatine, and high-calorie weight gain supplements.  They are available in pharmacies and are concentrated in carbohydrates and proteins.  But relying on eating real food is of course better and with a better taste. Using a larger food dish.  The psychological factor is very important.  When you use a larger plate, it will encourage you to eat more.  And vice versa, adding cream to your daily cup of coffee.  An easy and simple way to add more calories. Get enough sleep and rest.  Active sleep is one of the most important techniques for muscle growth when you start a meal.  Eat protein first, then vegetables at the end of the meal.  If your plate contains a mixture of foods together.  Eat calorie-concentrated foods first.  Leave the vegetables for the end. Quit smoking.  Smokers usually weigh less than non-smokers.  And most of the time when you quit smoking, this leads to increased appetite and weight gain.

 Weight gain is a difficult task for some.  Perseverance and persistence are the key to achieving success:

 Whether you want to gain or lose weight, your body combats change by regulating hunger levels and controlling your metabolic rate.

 As you eat more calories and gain weight, expect your body to respond to this change by reducing appetite and stimulating metabolism.

 Responsible for this is the brain, as well as the hormones responsible for controlling hunger and satiety.  So sometimes you may need to force yourself to eat more, even if you feel full.

 Protein Smoothie Recipes for Weight Gain:

 Eating a protein smoothie is rich in nutritional value and a fast way to gain weight.

 You can add 2 cups of milk (470 ml) to any of the following recipes:

 Smoothie Chocolate Banana Nuts:

 It consists of a mixture of one banana and one part of chocolate protein bar with one tablespoon of 15 ml of peanut butter or other nut butter.

 Vanilla and Cherry Smoothie:

 It consists of a mixture of one cup of frozen or fresh cherries or berries with one cup (237 ml) of whole milk and one serving of vanilla protein powder.

 Chocolate and Hazelnut Smoothie:

 It consists of a mixture of 444 ml (approximately two cups) of chocolate milk with one part of chocolate protein powder, one tablespoon of box butter and one avocado.

 Apple and Caramel Smoothie:

 It consists of a mixture of 1 apple sliced ​​with 1 cup (237 ml) of yogurt with 1 part of vanilla or caramel protein powder and 1 tablespoon of caramel sauce.

 Vanilla and cranberry smoothie (blueberry):

 It consists of a mixture of 1 cup (237 ml) of fresh or frozen cranberries with 1 serving of vanilla protein powder and 1 cup (237 ml) of vanilla yogurt.

 Vegetable smoothie:

 It consists of a mixture of one cup of spinach, one avocado, one banana, one cup of pineapple, and one serving of protein powder without flavor or with vanilla flavor.

 All of these options provide the body with 400-600 calories in addition to protein, vitamins and minerals.

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