Diet and diet errors


If you are one of the people who adhere to the diet, and reduce their food intake, but without positive results in losing weight, they are most likely under the influence of many of the common mistakes in the diet.  And these errors may be the result of not following the appropriate diet regimen, or as a result of common habits, they do not know the extent of its negative impact on the diet and weight loss.

 The basic rule in the diet is that you burn more calories than you eat.

 The most common mistakes that you follow to lose weight:

 Eat foods that make you think that they are especially weight loss friendly:

 There are many processed foods promoted as special for the diet, which people consider to be low in calories, but it is quite the opposite.  It is possible for you to eat a meal more satisfying and with fewer calories, while maintaining the amount of nutritional values ​​that your body needs.  So the Nutrition Academy ran the statistics on dieters.  And I found that these types of foods will not help you lose weight at all.  On the contrary, it can make matters worse.  Make sure to eat everything that is natural and fresh, and stay away from processed and packaged foods.

 Not getting enough sleep:

 Sleeping less than five or six hours a night can slow down your metabolism.  It causes hormonal changes that fail your weight-loss efforts.  And it may make you eat more.  Where a recent study found that people who suffer from sleep deprivation, consume an additional 500 calories per day.

 Exercise a lot:

 It is known that exercise is very beneficial and facilitates weight loss.  However, many of them may be counter-productive, according to statistics.  You should focus on the diet and the healthy types that you eat by 80%, and on sports by 20%.

 Exercising three times a week leads to the best results in weight loss.  And it is considered quite sufficient for this purpose.  As for those who commit to exercising on a daily basis, and for a fairly long number of hours, they must resort to a special diet for athletes.  Because regular regimens may reduce the desired weight loss results.

 Dependence on the diet on the authorities:

 Salad is one of the most important elements of a diet, as it contains nutritional values, vitamins and minerals.  And it helps protect the body from accumulated toxins.  And it gives the body energy and vitality.  And maintains the luster of the skin.  And all of that with few calories.  However, it is not enough, and it is wrong to rely on it completely.  It will give you all of these benefits, if taken alongside a meal.

 Salads may not contain enough carbohydrates to help control hunger hormones.  Your body needs diversified, complete with calories.

 Have more healthy, high-calorie foods:

 Just because you choose healthy food does not mean that you can eat a large amount of it.  Switching from white bread to whole wheat bread, eating nuts instead of chips, and using olive oil instead of butter are all healthy changes.  But they are not low-calorie alternatives.  So controlling the amount of calories you eat is still key.

 Refrain from eating early in the evening:

 The common saying for everyone who wants to lose weight is to abstain from dinner, or stop eating from six in the evening.

 If you sleep at 11 o'clock, for example, it is very normal to feel hungry and binge more.  Because stopping food from six o'clock or seven o'clock is too early.  And your body will need energy during this entire period.  So the best solution is to not skip dinner.  On the contrary, eat your meal 3 or 4 hours before you sleep.  It contains 70% of the calories.  Leave 30% of the calories when you feel hungry again.

 Eating healthy food in the evening, helps you a lot in avoiding extreme hunger and binge eating in the middle of the night.  So try to choose healthy meals with studied calories.

 Not eating every three hours:

 Most believe that the diet is abstaining from food for long periods of time.  And that this method will help to burn more fat.  But the truth is exactly the opposite.  You have to increase the number of meals, and reduce the amount of calories at each meal.  So that you keep your food intake every three hours in small quantities.  This will stimulate your metabolism and metabolism.  And it helps your body to burn fats more and in a regular way.

 Not drinking enough water:

 If you are one of the people who do not like to drink water, and tend to drink juices and soft drinks, you will struggle a lot in the process of losing weight.  Because the body needs large amounts of water, to help it with the digestive process.  In addition, juices and soft drinks contain more calories.

 A study found that drinking two cups of water before a meal makes you eat up to 90 calories less.

 Skip breakfast:

 There is a lot of evidence that people who eat breakfast have healthy weights.  So start your day with your morning meal.  Experts say whole grains are one of the best options for breakfast.  It is quick and easy.

 Important notes for best results:

 Eat enough of all healthy food ingredients.  Keep your daily food containing recommended amounts of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and even carbohydrates and fats.  Because the diet is an integrated system, it cannot give strong results if it does not contain all kinds of healthy foods necessary for the safety of the body. Do not eat food unless you are hungry.  At the same time, do not leave yourself hungry for long.  Organization is the basis for the success of everything.  Follow a healthy, balanced diet with many meals and small portions. Focus on the ideal weight you want to gain and the number of kilograms you want to lose. Exercise moderately and regularly. Remember the main rule in losing weight, which is the amount of calories you should eat.  To be less than what you burn and consume as energy. Avoid sugar as much as possible.  And replace it with natural sweeteners. Rely on natural, unprocessed food that is free of chemicals and preservatives.  Avoid prepared foods. Try to find out how many calories are in the food you eat.  So that you avoid high-calorie foods, plan your diet well.  And stick to everything that is healthy and beneficial to your body.  The primary goal of losing weight is to have an ideal, healthy, disease-free, and lean body.

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